RealTree Max-5 Camo Truck

Are you a serious hunter? If so this type of wrap is for you, take one of the industry leading camouflage developers and cover your ride in their patterns. Our supplier carries 6 different patterns from RealTree as well as a few from Mossy Oak. The cool part about using the industry leaders like Realtree is when you go hunting you can make sure any camo you wear or use matches your truck, for example this customer had matching seat covers already installed.

Camo wraps just like this start at $3,000 and can be done in as little as 3 days.

These wraps although fairly easy to install do come with some challenges, to start the price point on the vinyl is high, coming in at over double the cost of your typical color. Along with that the max width of the rolls is 48″ so experience with hiding seams and matching printed patterns is a must. We had to carefully layout each piece before installation to be sure we had enough material and that each section would match appropriately. When it was all said and done the wrap looked awesome and the customer couldn’t wait to head out to the pond for some duck hunting.

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