Bentley GT Continental in AD Matte Metallic Charcoal

We wrapped this Bentley in Avery Dennison Matte Metallic Charcoal, Plasti-dipped the wheels and gave it a serious facelift in the process. There is nothing wrong with a stock Bentley but for the new age consumer silver paint and aluminum finish wheels just doesn’t cut it. This vehicle sitting in our shop had under 10,000 miles on it and it was a seriously beautiful car inside and out. Our customer wanted the car to look custom and edgy but didn’t want to hurt the value of the car down the road. This is where wrapping comes in perfect, not only is it removable it will also protect this vehicles paint. Along with that using plasti-dip on the stock wheels will ensure they are protected and retain the stock appeal that a diehard Bentley fan knows is a must.

This car got the full treatment, we removed the bumpers, tail lights, grill, emblems, mirrors, and door handles. Then we wrapped it all, we covered all of the chrome trim to match the rest of the wrap, plasti-dipped the grill and wheels and re-assembled the customer picked up a whole new car without a trace of the previously color to be found.

When disassembling a vehicle with this kind of price tag there are several precautions to be taken, not only did we consult with a Bentley Tech before removing any parts, we removed and re installed everything by hand to ensure nothing was over tightened, stripped, or broken. The powertools stayed in the tool box.

The finished product was a flawless wrap and a happy customer.

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