Everyday we help small to large businesses grow their brand by providing them with unique, vibrant vehicle wraps. When we’re not doing that, we work with people to make their cars into a one of a kind ride by wrapping it with color change vinyl from 3M and Avery. During the design process we like to get to know our customers, what they love and how we can make their wrap perfect for them. All of our customers are extraordinary and we get to meet some truly amazing people in the process.

Chad is one of those truly amazing people. Chad and his dog, Axe, came to us because he wanted to wrap his H2 with a custom designed woodland camo print.

Axe the service dog website which has info about Axe and a lot of pictures of our wrap- https://www.axetheservicedog.com

Chad’s non profit site- https://soulriverrunsdeep.com/

Recent news story with a lot of info on Chad- https://www.kgw.com/mobile/article/features/portland-navy-vet-puts-his-heart-and-soul-into-his-non-profit-soul-river/283-fd9fc0bf-170f-4753-af7e-3d252b8715cc?fbclid=IwAR2zwVn4gSPWf0Ebr86uRxtVKeEYoxj1NQvbV2ps 


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About your wrap.

Vehicle wraps are a form of vehicle customization and also a form of paint protection. The average wrap will last 5-6 years under the assumption that it will be well taken care of (see 3M or Avery Dennison Care Sheet). Door jambs are not included in wrap quotes unless otherwise specified or requested. Portland Custom Wraps provides a complimentary 30 day check-up and project warranty on every wrap unless otherwise specified. PCW will also uphold manufacturer warranties on vinyl and will cover the cost of re-installation for affected areas. All Vehicle wraps and Vinyl application jobs are different and present their own challenges, therefore each job is quoted individually and is only valid for 30 days from the time given.

*All quotes are estimates and are subject to change until vehicle is seen in person and entire job details are discussed.  


We accept Cash, Check and major brand credit cards with a chip.  Credit card payments must be made in person with accompanying state issued verification. We reserve the right to add a 3% credit card fee if needed and prefer cash or check. We apologize we cannot accept credit cards without a chip at this time.


Vehicles need to be delivered clean and there will be a $50 cleaning fee added to the purchase price for dirty vehicles.